Apply to Contribute

Application Process

  1. Apply by completing the form to the right
  2. Receive a response within 3-5 business days
  3. If accepted, submit required information and legal agreements
  4. Receive certified contributor certificate after all requirements are met
  5. Begin submitting footage to Pixelbite


Submitting Footage

  1. Edit your footage into individual clips
  2. Upload clips and include the required details for each item
  3. Footage is reviewed by Pixelbite
  4. Accepted clips are graded and priced by Pixelbite
  5. Clips are added to the site and become available for purchase


Revenue Split

One of our main reasons for starting Pixelbite was because we felt the current standards for revenue sharing was unfair for content producers. Current standards are between 15-35% of the total sale; we disagree with this model.

We are not exactly sure what the “perfect” split of revenue is, however we know for certain that 15-35% for the content owner and 65-85% for the stock media company is not just. We want to be transparent with our content contributors about the revenue splits we offer.

More details on our royalties can be found on our rate schedule page.

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